Fairview High School
UPCOMING: 50th Reunion of the Class of 1966
July 8, 2016
2 years, 1 Month and 9 days
our Reunion.
Saturday night's memorial at the Boulder Country Club paying tribute to our deceased classmates, as well as those who w
Saturday night's memorial at the Boulder Country Club paying tribute to our deceased classmates, as well as those who were unable to join us for our 50th reunion. See IN MEMORY for the complete text of the memorial.

The amazing class of 1966 held a Reunion celebrating the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation July 8th through 10th of 2016.

  • July 8th, we held a rousing FAC at the Coal Creek Golf Course in Louisville. Cheese and Tuna Frenchees (better than King's Fine Foods) were featured.
  • Saturday morning, many of us took a tour of the original Fairview High School (now Platte Junior High).
  • Saturday night's dinner was a tremendous success at the Boulder Country Club with a touching memorial by Pat Edwards and many laughs as Kathie Collins Wasserman entertained us.  
  • Many of us concluded this special weekend on Sunday morning at a breakfast buffet at the Colorado National Golf Club.
Suggestions are being taken as to how we continue the fun in the upcoming years - information will be posted here.

Ideas: please call Theresa Blanding at  (303) 668-1948, or e-mail her at  theresa@TheresaBlanding.com

HIGHLIGHTS from our 45th Reunion
FRIDAY NIGHT (July 8, 2011): we had a wonderful time together at Anita Hostetter's for drinks and appetizers. 

SATURDAY NIGHT (July 9, 2011): we met, as we have for many reunions in the past, at the Boulder Country Club outside Boulder. The food was delicious and the company great!

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (July 10, 2011):  We had a picnic, planned informally, but enjoyed by all.

HIGHLIGHTS from our 40th Reunion

FRIDAY EVENING (July 21, 2006): We met at the Boulder Broker Inn and enjoyed drinks and appetizers. 

SATURDAY EVENING (July 22, 2006):  We had  a lovely dinner at The Boulder Country Club in Gunbarrel. 

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (July 23rd, 2006): We had a farewell picnic at Chatauqua.  Many of us drank wines generously provided by one of our classmates now residing in California.  That's how they do those things in Calfornia.  We could get to like that. 

There are many pictures of these events to be found in our fhs66.com Photo Album. 

You can also view a set of the entire class senior pictures and more by leaping from here to our photo albums, also located on the http://fhs66.com website, just not here.

If you made it to any of our reunions, we owe you a debt of gratitude, for it is important that you came to share your life with your former classmates.   Many of us greatly enjoyed what we shared over those days.

Whether you made it there or not, you may use this website to tell us about your life since we last saw you.  You can send stories and pictures to us at:  theresa@TheresaBlanding.com.

You may want to write us instead, at Fairview Class of 1966, c/o Theresa Blanding, P O Box 2759, Sedona, AZ 86339, or call us at (303) 668-1948.

Please stay in touch.   Note that you may e-mail many of your classmates directly from this website by going to the Class Directory and looking up their names...

You will also find a number of your classmates on Facebook, or on Twitter, or LinkedIn, Reunion.com and any number of other websites.  If you find yourself wondering where your friends have gone over all these years, check out some of those sites. 

If you don't find your classmates there, try the old fashioned way, call them on the phone or write them and ask about what is going on with them, and tell them what has gone on with you. 

There are few people with whom you had closer relationships than with some of these people, maybe exploring your past is something you have a bit of time to do, now that there is so much of it...


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